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I am a 42 yr old mother to 3 beautiful children, ages 19, 15,and 9. (two have type 1 diabetes.) I am married to my best friend for over 18 yrs. My life has been amazingly turned around by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Life is busy & difficult at times, but I try to remember how very blessed we are. This blog is where I talk about homemaking, homeschooling, struggles we face with our daughter and the challanges of day to day life with juvenile diabetes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

school start 2012-13

       Well,  2012-2013  homeshooling is now underway at the Lewis house, this is the first week for Caden who is now 4th grade, how fast the years are passing. We are using Christian Light Education lightunits for Math, language arts, and Bible, this is the first year we have used CLE and both of us are really liking the flow and content. I may include All about Spelling if I feel we need more in this area. For the next few weeks we plan to finish up MFW adventures, then we will start our world culture studies, we plan to start considering God's creation science in 2 weeks. Caden is playing soccer this fall for P.E.
      Zach is in 10th grade in PS, I wish he was at home this year, but he really is thriving, I still require reading, he just finished were the red fern grows and is starting Amos Fortune free man , over the summer he was reading Land of Fair Play, yeah he thinks I am soooooo mean for giving him extra. Really he likes the readers. He is also very busy with Civil Air Patrol each Monday night.
      My current read is Dave Ramsey total money makeover, very enlightening..

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