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I am a 42 yr old mother to 3 beautiful children, ages 19, 15,and 9. (two have type 1 diabetes.) I am married to my best friend for over 18 yrs. My life has been amazingly turned around by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Life is busy & difficult at times, but I try to remember how very blessed we are. This blog is where I talk about homemaking, homeschooling, struggles we face with our daughter and the challanges of day to day life with juvenile diabetes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

school start 2012-13

       Well,  2012-2013  homeshooling is now underway at the Lewis house, this is the first week for Caden who is now 4th grade, how fast the years are passing. We are using Christian Light Education lightunits for Math, language arts, and Bible, this is the first year we have used CLE and both of us are really liking the flow and content. I may include All about Spelling if I feel we need more in this area. For the next few weeks we plan to finish up MFW adventures, then we will start our world culture studies, we plan to start considering God's creation science in 2 weeks. Caden is playing soccer this fall for P.E.
      Zach is in 10th grade in PS, I wish he was at home this year, but he really is thriving, I still require reading, he just finished were the red fern grows and is starting Amos Fortune free man , over the summer he was reading Land of Fair Play, yeah he thinks I am soooooo mean for giving him extra. Really he likes the readers. He is also very busy with Civil Air Patrol each Monday night.
      My current read is Dave Ramsey total money makeover, very enlightening..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes he calms the storm, sometimes he calms the child....

That line is from a song I recently heard while surfing the DOC (diabetes online community) I don't think I've ever heard it before, (see my playlist below to listen to the song.) It sure hit home for me this week. It has been a tough week here in the 2 with type 1 house. We placed sensors on the boys due to increased high blood sugars and readings that were all over the place. Let me tell you that I have a love/ hate relationship with sensors. I love the info and trends you can see, thanks to sensors we found that Caden's glucose has been tanking at about 3 am (caught in 60s-70s twice this week) but the flip side is the lack of sleep takes a huge toll, those alarms are sounding about every 1/2hr some nights it seems. The lack of sleep runs me ragged, emotionally, sadness seems wrapped around me when I get this tired. Fighting D is never ending.. the burden of trying to replace a broken body system is immense and our very best is not enough so much of the time. Yet seeing my boys growing, smiling, never complaining, never letting it get to them, keeps me getting up to silence the alarms, jab the fingers, fumble the pump buttons in the dark.. night after night. But I am feeling weary, so I pray.. Jesus calm the child, if your will is not to calm the storm, please calm the child. Amen

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I know how to save a life ...

Sure, folks saw me get up and quickly walk out and then return to my seat during our Sunday church service. What most didn't know is that I was in the process of saving my 8 yr old sons life at that very moment. You see, he was having an insulin reaction/ low blood sugar and his blood sugar at the time was in the 40's. Now without glucose the body will lapse into unconsciousness, seizures and possibly death. Most of the time this type response has become so normal for us that we give it little thought, when their blood sugar plummets we quickly give glucose, without a bat of the eye; and every minute of the day we are supplying them with insulin. Even a few hours without insulin and the body begins to slip into a process that can lead to death within days. But once in a while it hits me how this truly is life saving, the day to day actions we do are life support. Up until insulin was discovered in the 1920's, diabetes was a fatal disease. And I am grateful for the insulin, but it is not a cure by any means, Insulin and quick sugars allow my boys to live, and life is good and I thank God for it, but have no doubt, it is a life lived on life support. Insulin dose not fix diabetes, it does not control diabetes, what it does is prevent death and it allows you to have some management over the control of blood sugar, and if you learn all the tricks and play the game well you just might avoid losing your feet, legs, eyes, kidneys and life, at least at an early age. So thinking about these things prompted me to have a tee shirt made at the fair ..



I want a cure for diabetes, I want it to come in my son’s lifetime. I will educate and advocate, and until a cure is found I will continue to save lives....